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We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
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THE HOTTEST FART MODEL ON THE PLANET wants your face buried in her perfect ass while she rips WET EXPLOSIVE FARTS on your tongue... stand still.. that ass is coming for your face!



In this fantasy you are my girlfriend, you just got home from a busy day, and you are bare ass nude in the shower.  wash your body sexy, showing off your ass and curves... you had just got home from work, so you can unleash your bassy farts you have held in all day, so you begin ripping bassy fart after bassy fart. Soon afterward, I come home from work to see you just the way I like to, and that is your perfect nude body in the shower while you are ripping beautiful bassy farts from your perfect curvy ass.   I jumped right in there with you in the shower and I began eating your pussy and round farting ass.   you were surprised  by my sudden ass and pussy eating, but as soon as you realized how well I was doing you started encouraging me with more bassy farts, dirty talk, and the promise of hot bassy fart sex. do lots of sexy talk telling me how you will rip deep farts all over my cock and balls while I fuck you...   after a few minutes of dirty talking as well as ass and pussy eating, you tell me that you need to have my cock in your mouth, so you quickly get on your knees, and begins to suck me off POV style.... your bass farts, dirty talking, and bobbing head really has me going. Then you get into doggy position because I begin to fuck you really hard, all the while you rip sexy sounding deep farts. you even slap your ass a few times, and grind on my cock here and there too because you are so into it. Soon you will want to cum, and after I speed things up, you eventually do, but I still haven’t, so you begin fucking me and farting bigger and louder than ever until I eventually unload my balls deep inside of you. yes.. I finally came.... and At the end of our hot, smelly, and showery sex, you tell me that our love making was very dirty so we should actually clean ourselves now, and give me a playful wink of the eye. (THIS IS SCENE 3 OF A 4 PART CUSTOM FANTASY)

I told Santana I wanted her to keep her streak of WORLD RECORD FARTS going but this time put on those MAGIC black latex pants!  these farts sounded like a TUBA stuck in her ass!  like a fucking COW MOO'ING! she had a 9 SECOND FART a couple 7 SECOND FARTS and most importantly just about no fart was under 5 SECONDS LONG!

Delivering OSCAR WINNING 11 SECOND FARTS like only Debbie can deliver!  Sexy sultry huge ROUND ASS farting like a crazy woman!  Debbie is the FUCKING BEST.. there is no doubt about it!

THE WAY THE FARTS BOUNCE OFF THAT HARD CHAIR, THE SOUNDS ARE UNREAL!!!  yes the NEW QUEEN channels the OLD QUEEN in this fantastic clip because when she was ripping these MONSTER farts she looked a lot like the original QOF Lizzy when she was farting, leaning to one side and make that "face".

two of the BIGGEST BADDEST big bubbly farting asses paired together in JEAN FART HEAVEN Goddess Jenn and SELENA LOCA!  if RUMBLY JEAN BLASTERS on HUGE ASSES is your thing then GIT IN HERE!!

During this HOT FART COMPILATION When Santana Redd was ripping these MONSTER farts she looked a lot like the original QOF Lizzy when she was farting, leaning to one side and make that "face". and Santana's farts were in the 6-7 SECOND RANGE!  so I guess in this case..  you look like Lizzy then you end up farting Like Lizzy!

if BIG PEAR SHAPED ASSES is your thing



there is nothing else left to be said.. this clip is a fucking MONSTER!

BRUMMMHPH BRUMMMMPH BRUMMMMPH!  once again the queen has invited you along for a walk..  a fart walk!  She says that walking helps her gasses flow and helps to get all that pinned up air outta her system!  so she is taking you along with her to keep her company on her PARRRP PARRRRP PARRRRP!  fart walk!

sometimes I just love to hear that DEEEEP muffled fart sound!  I had Debbie BURY her ass in several pillows and release some LONG MOANERS for us..  we are waiting patiently as she pushes out LONG MOOING COW FART after LONG MOOING COW FART!  and according to her they freakin STUNK!

FEFE has one simple request.. you can lay behind her and sniff her WET BUBBLY farts but when you are done she wants you to pull out your dick and drop your load onto her phat round ass cheeks!

these LONG RIPPERS are so fucking HUGE that she has to make THAT facial expression in order to have the strength to push them out!  all while laying in the bed with her ass in the air!  these sounded DEEP!

Lola is very horny and wants you to make love to her.. but YOU need farts in order for you to get hard.. so you get behind Lola and she rips a few STINKERS in your face.. she CAN'T UNDRSTAND why it takes farts to help you get an erection.. and she is embarrassed of the smell...  but she does it anyway  and at the end of the clip you FINALLY fuck her good just like she wanted you to!

Your ROOMMATE NICOLE BLAZE is so tired of this stay at home
order. All she does is EAT and FART and she is telling
you about this problem as the two of you sit together
and talk in the living room. She is BORED
 and can't stop farting and all of
these farts are in the 10 second range as you two
hang out and talk about how much quarantine sucks!

Your hot girlfriend has been masturbating on the bed for a while..  she is also very gassy and cutting LONG POWERFUL farts with every stroke of her pussy.. and she is blowing them IN YOUR FACE!  then suddenly she begins to tighten up and shiver and you realize she is coming and the farts get EVEN MORE explosive and she is reeking HAVOC on your poor face!   now you have to jack off.. see hot that works??


[Scene 4]
Wearing her black leather pants with a t-shirt, photos are being shot while in some sexy
positions. Only difference is that there’s no shyness left and Debbie’s farting at
full force, still excusing herself, but more teasingly and giggly. ‘Oops!’, ‘listen!’, ’what was
that?!’, ‘that definitely were the onions!’ THE FARTS ARE POWERFUL AND FORCEFUL!

The QUEEN OF FARTS told me she had an idea...  she said she wanted to rip a LONG DINOSAUR FART in every pair of TIGHT PANTS that she owns... I LOVED the idea... so..  here ya go!!!

In this CUSTOM CLIP your "weird" step mom keeps coming in your room to FART BIG and make you laugh.  She comes in "you have been playing videos games all day.. turn it off and go outside oh and don't forget this" then she turns around and rips a huge PERRRRRRP! later she comes in again "dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.. oh and also" BURRRRNNNNNT! She lifts her leg and pushes out a long PARPER!  this is such a great video!! unlike anything you have ever seen!

YOUR FART FETISH THERAPY IS GETTING INTENSE!  Your fart fetish therapist wants to have you break the habit of MEETING WITH ESCORTS to fart for you so she suggested a little role play-

 Your therapist is going to put on TIGHT BLACK LEATHER PANTS and play the role of a FART FETISH ESCORT

in this clip she has just arrived for your FACE FART SESSION she comes in and says

"Hi, sorry I am late."  you pay her the money and she says "we really should not be doing this.. I think this will make your fetish worse".. but then she gets back into character and says "thanks for the money, hey I think I have to fart right now, what position do you want me to lay in"

then she stands up, turns around and rips TEN SECOND BUBBLERS that STRUGGLED to get out of the leather pants! you will LOVE the sound of these deep MULTI TONED farts that were HARD FOR HER TO PUSH OUT!!  after the first set of farts you guys sit back down and talk... she tells you

"that was fun.. I have never had someone sniff my fart before.. it was weird but I liked it..  I am having fun"  then she asks you "hey I have to fart again, do you want me to lay down?" then she lays down and rips ULTRA BUBBLY farts RIGHT IN YOUR FACE... then later in the clip she asks you

"do you want to lay down again?"  then she rips more LONG RUMBLERS in your face!

to end your FART FETISH ESCORT SESSION she gets her stuff and then rips one more fart in your face before she leaves!  your therapist had fun playing this fantasy with you.. lets see if it works or not.

Nicole comes home after a heavy night of drinking and she is very sick!  She Drank TOO MUCH BEER and her her stomach is in KNOTS!  She walks in the door FARTING UP A STORM because of all that beer then she quickly realizes she is going to PUKE!  She just hopes she can make it up the stairs but she is FARTING WITH EVERY STEP up the stairs!  As soon as she gets upstairs she realizes she cannot make it to the toilet so she quickly begins BARFING IN THE KITCHEN SINK!  every time she HEAVES a LONG POWERFUL FART blasts outta her ass and you are just sitting there watching all of this unfold in front of your eyes.  she is sick and you want to help her but you cannot resist SNIFFING THOSE EXPLOSIVE FARTS coming outta her butt!  she looks back at you "Can't you see I am sick, stop sniffing my ass please" she even has BARF on her mouth when she turns around.. but yet you keep on sniffing!  she then goes to lay down on her bed.. you offer to rub her back.. and yes she is still FARTING UP A STORM!  suddenly again she has to THROW UP so he starts puking in a bucket on her bedroom floor.. and yes.. you are still sniffing her farts when they BLAST out.. she asks you again "how can you be sniffing my ass right now?!"


[Scene 1]
Debbie comes home from work, gassy as hell from the canteen food she ate during lunch.
As soon as she closes the door, she lets a giant long fart go.
Immediately she heard some giggling behind the door.. Debbie remembers her son has a
sleepover for tonight.
Debbie enters the room, walks to to kitchen where a big can of baked beans is ‘staring at
her’. “We have beans for dinner?” Debbie asks. “I love them, but it will make me fart up a
storm and I’m already gassy as hell” Debbie goes on, walking and farting out of the
Her son is very proud of his ‘farting mom’ and tells every friend how loud
she can fart. He’s laughing his ass off when his mom is gassy. His friends’ eyes are almost
popping out of his head as he couldn’t believe his ears! “Sorry” Debbie says, looking at his
Debbie goes back to the kitchen and starts cooking the baked beans and chopping some
raw onions, already farting up a storm. She excuses herself several times.  "sorry" she says..

Debbie then lays on the bed.. releasing more MONSTER FARTS as she tells her son and his friend.. 

"Ok, time for bed guys... let's go!"

Mona is happy and in a good farty mood today.  She is doing a cute sexy dance for you but she CAN'T STOP FARTING!  there is a LOUD PARP with EVERY MOVE she makes!  every single sexy dance step there is a loud powerful BRUMPH.. hang out, laugh and have a good time with your fun, farty dancing girlfriend!

if you would like your very own custom fantasy email us at info@cworldent.com

Debbie wanted to see if she could DESTROY HER SPANDEX PANTS WITH FARTS!  I told her I wanted POWER farts and she FUCKING DELIVERED!  Just about every fart in this clip is 10 SECONDS OR MORE!  and all these farts came out so POWERFUL and FORCEFUL.. those SPANDEX PANTS will never be the same!!!


Somehow you have really pissed Debbie off.  She starts off the video TYING YOU UP and saying "that is the last time you are ever going to do this to me... I warned you"  She is tying you up so she can BLAST YOUR FACE WITH FARTS while wearing GREY SPANDEX!  boy o boy these farts are HUNMONGOUS!!  one after the other .. back to back LONG BUBBLERS as your punishment until you cannot take any more!


In this fantasy Debbie is your girlfriend.  She woke up complaining about CRAZY BAD GAS and telling you she "ate too much bean dip last night at the party".  She literally woke up and her belly is BLOWING UP WITH GAS!  As she goes about the day she starts ripping LONG POWERFUL rips as she stretches and walks around.. just farting like a CRAZY WOMAN.. she cannot believe how much gas she has.. she keeps apologizing "sorry, I told you to keep that bean dip away from me".. In this final scene she takes a shower because she SHARTED several times and her ass is dirty..  she is still gassy though and NOW she is ready to fart JUST FOR YOU!  She wants you to sniff her ass and POWERFUL GAS and asks you "how do they smell"...  you spend the rest of the night HUFFING HER EXPLOSIVE FARTS until you literally can't take anymore.. you are LAYING BEHIND HER and getting your face blasted all nite long until she falls asleep!

Your BIG SIS Santana Redd wants to make a phone call but you refuse to leave her room!  You are being the annoying little brother and giving her a hard time.  She decides to rip FART after FART after stinky fart and wave the smell over to you.  she even yells in the other room..  "Momm.. he won't leave my room!"..  she keeps letting out really RAUNCHY FARTS that smell really bad.. but you refuse to move!  She is starting to wonder and even asks you.. "do you like it or something??  how can you just sit there and smell that??"

Even tho Dakota is NOT wearing jeans her farts rumble like she is wearing TIGHT DENIM.  Such sexy sounding farts and has she lays there pushing they quickly turn to SHARTS.. and LOTS of them!

Dakota is on a girls trip and she is STINKING UP her hotel room!  Her friends kicked her out because they were complaining that her ass SMELLED LIKE EGGS!  so she left her hotel room and went FARTING IN THE HALLWAYS and farting ALL AROUND TOWN after that ... if you love PUBLIC FARTS this is a must see!

Here are TWO back to back sessions with DR BUNNY to cure your fart fetish.. intense therapy is what you need because you got this fetish BAD!  TWO but together in ONE clip!

Your hot girlfriend just found out you were going to DOCTOR DEBBIE to help rid yourself of your disgusting fart fetish and she is NOT HAPPY about that!  Your girlfriend LOVES that you are turned on by her farts and DOES NOT want you to lose your fart fetish... she tells you......

"babe I can't believe you are trying to lose your fart fetish.. I love that you get turned on by my farts.. please stop going to therapy"

then she leans over to fart , after the fart she WAFTS IT over to you..

"see babe.. thats sexy isn't it?" "whew.. that was a stinker"  "its hot baby.. you know you like the way that smells.. just enjoy it.. your fetish is ok with me"

she keeps farting then TAKES YOUR HAND so she can fart for you in the other room... then she CHANGES CLOTHES and farts for you in TIGHT LEGGINGS.. then later back to jeans...  explaining to you the whole time how she does NOT want you to lose your fart fetish and HOW BAD SHE WANTS TO SUCK YOUR COCK!

Imagine you are laying on the floor and Dakota rips BUBBLY FARTS in tight panties and leggings and then LOWERS HER ASS right onto your nose so you can sniff it and enjoy her STENCH!  then after you get really turned on you can MASTURBATE and cum RIGHT ON HER TONGUE! well.. this is your POV FANTASY!

Poor Dakota farted SO LOUD in the restaurant she got embarrassed and had to leave..  she was recording a fart video for us and she had NO IDEA the fart would be THAT LOUD!

Dakota was making a sexy fart video for us when she pushed
 too hard and made a BIG MESS in her cute new pants!
 MAN.. look at those curves!

Today is your lucky day because Dakota has CRAZY BAD GAS!  These farts are Bubbly and very DEEP!  These are DEBBIE DISTURRED type farts! Now Dakota wants you on your knees sniffing them!  btw they STINK!!

Now that quarantine is over we all welcome you to FART FETISH PARADISE where the farts are ripped into your face and most of them are 15 SECONDS LONG!  Pack your bags and leave all your worries at home!!!


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We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested! Follow
us on Twitter @CWorldent

Bunny wants to fart for you all night long!
she tells you "I am going to fart in your face
all night, but be careful the smell like DEATHH"
She ate some BAD CHEESE and they have her
farts smelling SO TERRIBLE!  But she knows
you like it and she is gonna BLAST YOUR FACE
until you pass out.  She also asks "do you like
the way they smell?" and tells you to "get
your nose in there"  THIS.. IS.. HOT!!


see also DroppingApples see also MiAmorrr see also GassyGirlsNextDoor see also  JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also GirlsGoneGross see also Disturrbia see CotDayumm see also RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume

We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested!  Follow
us on Twitter at CWorldent

If you are not already in love with her THIS is the video that will put you over the top!  BIG BOOMING JEAN FARTS over and over again as she sways her HUGE ASS back and forth seducing you with 10 and 15 SECOND FARTS!

see also DroppingApples see also MiAmorrr see also GassyGirlsNextDoor see also  JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also GirlsGoneGross see also Disturrbia see CotDayumm see also RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume

We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested!  Follow
us on Twitter at CWorldent
You have been begging your girlfriend MUFASA to drop a LOAD in your mouth.. well she got pretty close in this one!  She is farting on your tongue very POWERFUL farts.. so POWERFUL that "stuff" starting coming out.. right in your mouth.. hey...  YOU ASKED FOR THIS!!

see also DroppingApples see also MiAmorrr see also GassyGirlsNextDoor see also  JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also GirlsGoneGross see also Disturrbia see CotDayumm see also RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume