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MARCH 29th 2020

See Sexy Dakota rip BUBBLY DEEP
It does not matter what sexy Dakota is wearing, her ass is SO HUGE that she is able to get those rumbly farts that we all love because of those THICK, MEATY buttcheeks!  GAWD she looks so hot in this one!

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MARCH 23rd 2020

See Sexy Dakota rip BUBBLY DEEP farts in tight patterned leggings RIGHT IN YOUR FACE then drop to her knees at the end so you and JERK OFF INTO HER MOUTH and she wants to DRINK YOUR CUM!

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MARCH 17th 2020

After a long day at work Dakota can't wait to just come home and fart in peace!  She has been holding gas in all day long and she is ready to EXPLODE!  and speaking of exploding she wants you to jerk off into her mouth when you are ready to cum!

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MARCH 11th 2020

Dakota is very horny today!  She wants you to FUCK HER FROM THE BACK while she is pushing out LONG, BUBBLY WET SHARTY FARTS all over your hard cock while having sex with her from the back!  you will cum in 10 seconds from watching this video..  I PROMISE.

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MARCH 5th 2020
By day Dakota Reign works at a clothing store.. by nite, top fart model.  She has to hold her gas in all day with mean INCREDIBLE farts when she gets home.. she lets them out for you and then let's you UNLOAD your cum into her mouth at the very end!

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MARCH 1ST 2020
Lexxxi is once again in FART SLAVE mode!  she wants you to get on your knees.. and kiss, sniff and worship her big round ass in a sun dress while she rips fart after fart after LONG GASSY fart on your nose!

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FEBRUARY 22nd 2020
No this is not  a Taco Belle item but I would love to order some!  It's just a SEXY COMPILATION of farts from MAMMA MATURE of RUMBLY JEAN FARTS one after the other and these farts were SUPREME! Mama is just a regular girl.  not a fetish model not on social media not on anything just the average lady that you see at the market every day...  farting her ass off!!

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FEBRUARY 14th 2020
no hot air balloon sounds in this one.. these her LOUD and BIG and EXPLOSIVE!  the kind of farts where you better turn your speakers down or headphones because these farts were POWERFUL!  I don't know what she ate to produce these but these RIPPERS do not disappoint!

see also BrattyGurlz see also MiAmorrr see also CWorldentt visit RottenOnionz CworldEntt CotDayumm thelegionofplume gassygirlsnextdoor and princessoffarts

FEBRUARY 7th 2020

MAMA MATURE is getting the hang of making
fart videos.. again, I wanted GOOD ONES SO I
asked her to do another compilation for me..  when
 MAMA MATURE does a fart comp.  WATCH OUT!
  She captured some GREAT FARTS this time
 DEEP AND bassy farts that will make you drool!
  Sounded like an EWOK coming outta her butt!

JANUARY 30th 2020

MAMA MATURE is just getting going with the fart videos..  I wanted some GOOD ONES SO I asked her to do a compilation for me..  when
 MAMA MATURE does a fart comp.  WATCH OUT!
  She captured some MONSTER FARTS this time
 DEEP AND bassy farts that will make you drool!
  Sounded like DARTH VADA coming outta her butt!

JANUARY 24th 2020

We all know that Queen Diarr is the queen of toilet diarrhea but what some of you may not know is she can FART WITH THE BEST OF THEM! QD reminds me of mandabearsmash, a girl that just has that special "something" that you can't get enough of... She is not a fetish model, she is just your every day girl next door type and I FINALLY convinced her to do some basic fart clips for me..  DEBBIE DISTURRBED you have been put on notice!  because when it comes to Queen Diarr..  THIS .. GIRL... CAN... FART!

JANUARY 19th 2020

Watch newcomer Sakuri rip CHAINSAW farts on her leather stool.  all the while bouncing that HUGE ROUND ass up and down and twerking some farts out for us!  I really like this new girl!  she's gonna be BOMB!  These farts were so powerful sounding like she was about to slice that stool IN HALF!!

JANUARY 8th 2020

20 SECOND FART.. yes you heard me right.  Look at the PREVIEW PIC.. yes.. that is ALL FART right there!  Nicole has been eating a lot more veggies and salads trying to slim down and now her gas is OUTTA CONTROL!  if you haven't noticed she is gassier than ever these days.  In this clip she is trying to get you out of the bed..  you won't wake up so she starts ripping twenty second rumblers on your face.. getcho ass up!


Today Mona is SUPER GASSY!  She is in a very good mood today dancing and relaxing in her room but she has a problem.  EVERY TIME SHE MOVES A FART COMES OUT!  It's like her farts are dancing with her!  there are probably 500 farts in this clip!

DECEMBER 28th 2019

THESE FARTS ARE TEN SECONDS LONG and they are being blown RIGHT IN YOUR FACE and she squeezed that big round perfect ass into pink spandex shorts!  what more could you ask for??!!

DECEMBER 19th 2019

Back again.. this time wearing PINK FABRIC SHORTS..

Debbies farts have a strong smell of ROTTEN ONIONS today and her FABRIC SHORTS hold in the smell for a very long time.  So that ONIONY STENCH lingers in there for a while and YOUR NOSE would fit perfectly right up inside there!

DECEMBER 14th 2019

I love this pose... I love these jeans and you all will LOVE these fart sounds!  Sounded like she was farting in a puddle of mud!  flappy, gulpy, rumbly... all the elements of a GREAT SET OF FARTS!

DECEMBER 6th 2019

Selena is not in a good mood today.  she is tired of you trying to sniff her gas and tired of you always wanting to "sniff one" so since she is very gassy today she will do it.. BUT she wants you to beg for it.. and once you are done she wants you to get THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER.... I think I can deal with that.


Selena just had the BIGGEST DUMP OF HER LIFE and she is still FARTING LIKE CRAZY!  She wants you to lay behind her and TAKE IT ALL in your face and mouth.. taste her dirty ass.. and taste these BAZOOKA farts in your face!


Selena has given you the directive.. now do it.  She is actually being NICE in this one.. not a BRAT.  She just wants you to get ALL THE SMELL and not miss out.  She also wants you to jack your dick to the smell!


This is a very simple clip of Selena farting her FUCKING INSIDES OUT!  these were so POWERFUL I thought she was going to saw her asshole in two!


For the second time Selena was doing a fart torture
scenario for you and she had to break character
to acknowledge how HUGE one of her farts was!
This fart was SO LONG AND HUMONGOUS that
she had to pat her self on the back.. but then she
quickly got back to calling you a "pathetic loser"


Whenever Selena lays in this position.. on her side the farts are SUPER POWERFUL!  Plus she is fingering her ass and talking dirty which is another extra treat to this already AMAZING clip!

OCTOBER 22nd 2019

Selena's BIG JEAN BUTT smells like a DIRTY TOILET right now!  She keeps farting and she needs to take a BIG DUMP!  She wants you to SMELL THEM NOW because now they are the STINKIEST and they are so RUMBLY AND LOUD! and the best part when you are ready she will SUCK YOUR DICK until you EMPTY YOUR LOAD right down her throat!

OCTOBER 13th 2019
blowing on your DICK while you
fuck SELENA LOCA hard and fast!
her ass looks so GOOD and the farts
smell so BAD you will cum QUICKLY!

OCTOBER 7th 2019
THIS IS A NASTY ONE FOR THE NASTY BOYS! Watch Selena describe THE BIGGEST DUMP SHE HAS EVER TAKEN and how she wants you to TASTE HER ASS because it TASTES LIKE HER BIG DUMP... and she is ripping GINORMOUSLY BIG WATERY SLOPPPY FARTS while she fingers her asshole and talk dirty to you!

SEPTEMBER 28th 2019
Selena Loca is PISSED OFF!  You as her FART SLAVE are supposed to get on your knees behind her and SNIFF UP all of her RAUNCHY GAS so she does not have to smell it.  but you are NOT DOING YOUR JOB!  she is pissed because she can still smell it and her farts are BAD TODAY!  She does not want to smell it so DO YOUR JOB and swallow them up like you are supposed to!

SEPTEMBER 22nd 2019
Selena usually does "themed" videos but every now
and then she does a compilation for me..  when
 SELENA LOCA does a fart comp.  WATCH OUT!
  She captured some MONSTER FARTS this time
 DEEP AND bassy farts that will make you drool!
  Sounded like C3PO coming outta her butt!

Sexy Nicole is sitting on a WOODEN CHAIR and
she is going to LEAN TO ONE SIDE and rip LONG BUBBLY RUMBLY
 at the SAME TIME!  She wants you to come 3 TIMES ON HER
 ON YOUR CUM at the SAME TIME!  FUCK... this is so HOT!


Penelope is PISSED OFF.  she is
going to keep farting on your face
until she SOILS IT!  Her ass will
smother your face leaving you no
fresh air to breathe and she will
NOT STOP until you got a


Nicole was  just minding her business
playing on her phone and she was
ripping fart after fart after LONG
RUMBLY fart!  They were so powerful
Watching this turned you on so she
turns around and gives you one
AWESOME POV blowjob!

AUGUST 30TH 2019

I love this new concept.  After each
rumbly fart she says "take that"
right in your face "take that" again
after the next fart "take that" fart
after bubbly fart "and take that too"
I wish I was really there to take them!

AUGUST 26TH 2019

I love this girl!  she is so cute and innocent
and girly.. and feminine!  then she makes
that face and you just here a LONG RUMBLER
of a fart BELLOWING behind her!  sounded like
and ANGRY WALRUS back there!

AUGUST 19TH 2019

I have some exciting news for you!  If you don't think
SEEN IN YOUR LIFE then you have been CURED of
having a fart fetish!  If these DEEP, RUMBLY CHEEK
FLAPPING FARTS OF FURY don't make your dick
EXPLODE then you my friend no longer have it!!!

AUGUST 12TH 2019

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  There must be an ANGRY GHOST under those covers because there are many LONG, DEEP, BELLOWING SOUNDS coming from underneath the sheets!  Ever that or SELENA LOCA is trying to fart you out the bed again.  have you ever seen a PRETTIER FACE pushing TUBA FARTS of this magnitude?!  ya.. me neither.  (THIS IS SO FUCKING INCREDIBLE)


Selena has been in business meetings
all day with very important people and
she has been holding in her farts all day!
SHE.. COULD.. NOT.. WAIT to let out these
has a LOT of them.  and O..M..G!  her ass
in those tight BUSINESS SLACKS will
make your fucking HEART STOP!  It
GORILLA FARTS over and over again!!

JULY 26TH 2019

Selena usually does "themed" videos but every now
and then she does a compilation for me..  when
 SELENA LOCA does a simple fart comp.  WATCH OUT!
  She was able to capture some of the most OUT OF THIS
 WORLD DEEP AND RUMBLY farts that I ever heard!
  Sounded like an ALIEN ABDUKTION coming outta her butt!

JULY 18TH 2019

You have been a bad boy and you have been sentenced to Selena's FART JAIL.  Make yourself comfortable because you are not going anywhere anytime soon.  You are STUCK.. just you...  her... and LONG RUMBLY SWEAT PANT FARTS!  There is NO AIR just the STINKY AIR FROM HER ASS...  how long can you survive in that SMALL CLOSET??  better question.. is this really a PUNISHMENT or a TREAT?!?!

JULY 11TH 2019

OMG... it's so beautiful.. that huge round ass... that tight dress.  the fabric.. you KNOW the smell stays in the dress afterward.. the LONG ELEPHANT FARTS!  SELENA LOCA wants you to sit down behind her ass and TAKE YOUR PUNISHMENT!  She has to leave but first she has to get out A LOT OF GAS and she wants to get it out all over your face.  THESE FARTS ARE INCREDIBLE... and incredible.. they will ERASE YOUR FUCKING FACE!
JULY 4TH 2019

SIMPLE and FANTASTIC..  one fart after the other BRUMPHHHHH!  One position.. one pose... BRUMMMPH!  fart after fart after fart.... BRUMPHHHHHH!  These are ONCE IN A GENERATION type farts!  BRUMMMMPPP!

JUNE 25TH 2019

Sexy Nicole was curious on what kinds of sounds her ass could make while FARTING and TWERKING at the same time.  BRIP BRAP SLOPPITY BOP.. BRUUUUMMMMMMMPH...  I heard ALL TYPES of sexy sounds watching her bounce and twerk that sexy ass up down and all around!  this is a HOT one!