Welcome to Princessoffarts.com!

Our very first Princess of Farts was Texas Kristi.
She set the bar really high in the world of girl farts.
She has provided hours and hours of HOT videos
for our POF brand.  She will always be one of the best!

 Next the beautiful Alexis Young did a stint as the POF
Her specialty was face farting.  See, her bf has "the fetish"
and the both of them provided us with some of the best
facesitting/facefarting videos this niche has ever seen!

 Our third generation POF is Donna Trump.
We were so excited to have her as our new
Princess!  She has a body that is to die for and
she is a really great farter!  Her videos are HOT!

Then we had Rockii as our POF.  She too has a bf
with "the fetish" and she is that perfect "girl next door"
type of personality with a very "freeky" side to her.
She is a SUPERB farter, very pretty with a big ol
round booty!  Candid farts are her specialty and
she has turned in some of the hottest clips ever!

In mid 2015 I got a call from the amazing Rad Gurl
who was one of the first girls we worked with many
years ago!  She was only 18 at the time and she is
now in her mid twenties and has blossemed into
a very beautiful, curvy young woman.  She has
always been one of our most popular models and
wanted her own site this time around so I made
the decision to make her our new POF!

As of October 2016 Selena Loca will officially
take the position of Princess of Farts and
I predict that she will go down possibly