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the LATIN PRINCESS OF FARTS is back again with a fucking MASTERPIECE!  Dressed in only sexy lingerie watch her rip LONG, WATERY FARTS in her kitchen!  BIG BEAUTIFUL farts in a BIG BEAUTIFUL kitchen from a BIG BEAUTIFUL woman!  What could be better than this?  and the SOUNDS coming outta her ass!!!  These farts will leave you ASTOUNDED!  Sounded like she was taking a BIG OL BEWP in there!!

Penelope and I were brainstorming on a new Idea.  My Idea-

"Tape ONLY your LONGEST FARTS... make most of them 10 seconds long!"

Her Idea-

"I want to show my fans that I have nice boobies too.. not just a great ass"

So we put those two ideas together!  Only her BIGGEST AND LONGEST farts in a 2 week compilation while also showcasing her BIG, BEAUTIFUL breasts!   THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO!!!

DAMN.  these farts were LONNNNNNNNNNNG!  In this EXTRA LONG fart compilation I told her to ONLY film her LONGEST farts and to pretend her NUMBER ONE FAN was behind her ever time she let it rip!  there are some MAGNIFICENT shots of her big round ass and there is a TON of farts with LITTLE or NO lag time between farts and the majority of them are LONG AS HELL! so turn off the lights and GET READY!

 BBW... Big beautiful and WATERY!  that is how I would describe these HUGE farts!  You cannot be there to suffer under her big butt so she is going to show you exactly what she would do to you if you were there.  Yes we all dream to see Selena Loca do a face fart video well THIS is the closest thing we have seen so far!  She is TORTURING this poor stuffed toy with LONG, BLUBBERY FARTS!  She has named him "bitch boy" and she is really letting him have it all over his nose and mouth... and another thing that is so striking about this clip is how GORGEOUS Selena looks .. she looks better than ever!  She is a cover girl covering your UGLY FACE with BIG SLOPPY FARTS!


 Debbie is your FART THERAPIST In this POV fantasy....

You meet with Debbie once per week to discuss your personal issues.  She farts all the time during your sessions and you FINALLY got up the nerve to tell her it TURNS YOU ON!  Her sexy skirts, the way she crosses her legs, it really makes you so HORNY. and those LONG BUBBLY farts, the sound and smell makes you INSANE WITH LUST!  After telling her you like it she actually takes off her skirt and lets you worship her ass and sniff her farts.. she is enjoying it and he is getting TURNED ON.. and next your DREAM comes true!  you start fucking your fart therapist while she rips bubbly farts on your cock!!!

 That is pretty much our daily routine.  Penelope eats a lot of eggs and she farts a LOT!  Funny thing is these farts sound like JEAN FARTS even though she is wearing panties! and the smell.. WOW so EGGY that strong SULPHUR SMELL really turns me on... so we fuck like every 5 min.  that is my life living with Penelope!


This movie is all about Crazy Penelope catering to your fart fetish.  She is going to put that HUGE PERFECT ASS right in your face and fart over and over and over again!  Holy FUUCK that ass is HUGE.. it is so round plump and THICK!  and it is IN YOUR FACE for over TWENTY MINUTES!  The farts are so BUBBLEY and WATERY!  Man oh man you are in pure extacy!  Her farts have NEVER sounded so good.. her ass has NEVER looked so good.. and they were VERY SMELLY!  So she just has ONE question......  What do you think of the smell?

AUGUST 18TH 2018

RARELY am I at a loss for words.  I don't know HOW Selena Loca keeps getting better and better!  I tried to retire this saying a while ago but... THIS IS THE GREATEST FARTING VIDEO EVER MADE!  I have no other thing to say about this clip.  HER ASS... she looks SO PRETTY and her farts are so BUBBLEY, WATERY AND POWERFUL.. and in this one YOU are her fart slave and you must BEG HER for these VOLCANIC FARTS!  I mean... FUUUUCK.  this clip is insane and YES it is a little more expensive than usual but... FUUUCK.   this clip could be $200 dollars and it would be worth it... TRUST ME.  I still give Debbie Disturrbed the distinction of being the greatest model ever.. but this one right here is ABSOLUTELY the GREATEST FART VIDEO EVER MADE.............................................................................PERIOD!


Penelope has recorded all of her farts for ONE MONTH!  That's right an entire months worth of farts with ZERO LAG TIME!  On top of that she recorded ONLY THE HUGE ONES!  So many scenarios, so many outfits and so many HUGE RUMBLY FARTS!  And as a reward to you for smelling her farts you guys are going to have AMAZING POV SEX at the end of the clip!  keep in mind... you probably won't make it till the end.. so feel from to forward to the end of the clip when you are ready to FUCK HER BRAINS OUT!
JULY 21ST 2018

THIS IS THE GREATEST NAKED FARTING VIDEO EVER!!  Her ass looks so BIG and PERFECT and she really captured some fantastic angles of it!  And MAN O MAN these farts were INCREDIBLE!  Most of them 10 seconds long and they were LOUD!  A lot of them were SUPER BUBBLY and sounded like JEAN FARTS even though she was completely naked!  Her farting was SO OUTTA CONTROL in this vid she ended blowing a BIG SHARTY MESS outta her ass onto the floor! This video will make you ROCK HARD AND THAT IS A PROMISE!  and just when you are ready to cum she hops onto your cock POV STYLE and rides your dick with those big BALLOON boobies bouncing in your face till you EXPLODE! SHART LOVERS.. DON'T MISS THIS... ASS LOVERS.. DON'T MISS THIS.. LONG BUBBLY FART LOVERS.. DON'T... MISS.. THIS!

JULY 8TH 2018

Selena is ORDERING YOU to sniff her VIOLENT GAS!  she screams... "what the FUCK is wrong with you?... SNIFF IT!"  she also wants you to be DOMINANT to her and call her a BITCH and a WHORE!  She is really HORNY today and she wants you to treat her like a BAD GIRL that she is!  these farts are DEEP! and forceful!  Her big ass sounded like a big angry beast!  She describes the smell of her farts in great detail and you will LOVE that part!  SELENA LOCA FREEKS!  this one here is a MUST BUY!
JUNE 23rd 2018

this is a DUTCH OVEN video but PIZZA was the FUEL for her raunchy gas!  YOU LOVE YOUR GIRLS MORNING FARTS!  Penelope gets her BIGGEST LONGEST farts first thing in the morning.. especially when she has had pizza the night before..  Must be the MEAT... Must be the GREEN PEPPERS.. what ever it is she gets THE SMELLIEST GAS EVER the next morning!  So he invites you to hop inside her HOT STEAMY PIZZA OVEN!  You get under those covers and sniff up some of the BIGGEST, MOST BLUBBERY farts you have ever heard and her ass looks SO GOOD under there!  YOU STAY UNDER THOSE COVERS FOR OVER 20 MINUTES SNIFFING UP THOSE FUMES!  She is laughing and giggling and acting VERY STRANGE in her very PENELOPE sort of way!  It smells so bad but you are so turned on.... you are now horny and ready to FUCK so you FUCK HER BRAINS OUT in the end and drop your MASSIVE LOAD inside her pussy!

JUNE 9TH 2018

You are spying on your sexy roomate Selena Loca.. you know that she is a FREAK and she does freaky things when she is alone.. so you set up a camera and filled her while you were at work.... OMG!  SHE IS SO NASTY!  she was FARTING SO HUGE AND LONG and FINGERING AND FUCKING HER ASS with some toy as she farted VIOLENTLY!  she was SO INTO IT and TURN ON... she farted so EXPLOSIVELY that she even SHARTED on her FINGERS AND THE TOY!  You can see the SHART on her butt cheeks!  OMG if you like NASTY SELENA LOCA... PORN STAR SELENA LOCA.... SHART SELENA LOCA..... this is a MUST BUY CLIP!!!!

MAY 25TH 2018

SELENA IS BACK! and this is a MUST SEE!  Selena is
SO HORNY for your dick!  She starts off just candidly farting
on the bed, but then she gets horny.. and more horny as the
clip goes on!  These farts are SUPER LONG and SUPER BUBBLEY!
They are NOW turning HER on!  She wants you to FUCK HER ASS!
She is fingering her hole while ripping LONG BLUBBERY FARTS!
It is so sexy how the sound of her fart changes as she rapidly
fingers her asshole!  She is so fucking horny and WET you can
her the wetness of her pussy and asshole from all that LONG
AND BLUBBERY farting!  Now she wants you to CUM IN HER
BIG ASS!  and she talks you through the WHOLE THING!

MAY 11TH 2018

Penelope has THE WORST SMELLING GAS EVER this weekend!  Her farts smell SO BAD that her roomates are making her stay OUTSIDE until her horrible smelly farts go away!  She has been chillaxin in her car for 3 days straight farting like a crazy person and they STINK!  The odor is so bad and her farts are SO LONG that I think all that sulfur in the air is starting to go to her brain!  She is acting quite strangely but at the same time she is cute as a button... THIS IS THE BEST CAR FART VIDEO WE EVER PUT OUT!!!